Saturday 24 January 2015

I hate ACME

Having spent what little spare time I've had in the past few days trying to work out (without success) how to import our existing comments onto our new Disqus system, I've had no time for any actual blogging. 

I could blame myself for ineptly installing Disqus on the blog but, instead, I'll blame Disqus. 

(Ooooh, what's this? 429 emails just in. Who from? 429 MPs praising my course of action, saying they'd have done the same if they were in my position. Cheers, guys!)

Yes, it's all Disqus's fault. 

I feel like Wile E. Coyote. He placed all his trust in the ACME Corporation, yet everything they sent him backfired on him. He should write to You and Yours.

And talking of Wile E. Coyote...

...his insufferably smug nemesis, the roadrunner, was featured on one of this week's episodes of Tweet of the Daypresented by Michael Palin  

Those fast and fierce birds aren't just the nemesis for unlucky coyotes, they also eat reptiles - including, to my surprise, rattlesnakes - thus suggesting that the spirit of the velociraptor lives on. 

Sadly, the programme also revealed that the Greater Roadrunner's tweet is not much like the famous 'meep meep' so memorably uttered by the most member of its family.

OK, back to this Disqus problem. OK, what happens if I press this?....

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