Sunday 11 January 2015

Well, that's all right then!

This is how Andrew Marr began his programme this morning:
Good morning to you. Events in Paris dominate every single paper today, and I'd like to start this morning by quoting Matthew Parris in The Times. His point is that this will pass, this apparent confrontation between the West and Islamism. 
"This is no high noon and none is coming. Our culture and governments are infinitely superior, more competent and more powerful. there is not the remotest chance that fundamentalist Islam will sweep the globe or hobble our free media. We should have more confidence in ourselves than that."
Phew! Well, that's me reassured then. Let's all relax and watch BBC One. 

Songs of Praise will be on later. There'll be a bit from Canary Wharf "about a floating church reaching out to the banking community". Sounds like they're already turned into Radio 4's Sunday programme. 


  1. Isn't it racist to say our culture is superior to theirs? Haven't people like Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer said the same thing and been vilified for it?

    1. It's all right if an ex Socialist Worker BBC journo says it! :)

      I think it was his (pathetic) riposte to Andrew Neil's comments about humourless, murderous fundamental Islam on This Week.

  2. We heard the same a few years back about the chances of the Caliphate being revived.

    Memo to Marr: It has been re-established.

    Further memos to Marr:

    The Taliban defeated the might of the USA, UK and some 30 other nations. They are still there in Afghanistan and have just been invited to join the government there.

    Our societies are being progressively Islamicised. We now have a parallel education system and a parallel justice system. We have de facto recognition of polygamous marriage. Many people are forced to eat Halal meat, as there is no alternative on offer. There have been many instances of our electoral system being corrupted. In the UK we have a de facto blasphemy law preventing any lampooning of Islam.

  3. Over 22 minutes of Marr helping Miliband clarify his political message. Unbelievably leading questions, several obvious launch pads. Just the tiniest hard time about Labour possibly forming a coalition government, but that was about it. Would you like to attack the Tories on this issue? How about this one? Anything you'd like to criticize about this Tory policy?

    If this were a basketball game, Marr would be leading the league in assists by a mile.


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