Saturday 2 February 2019

Behind the scenes

Following on from a post this morning, concerning the Democrat governor of Virginia's blackface/KKK-robes-sporting youth, and the BBC's fogging-over of his party affiliation (starring Jon Sopel) - plus the BBC's many edits of the report - ...

Which BBC Dem supporter inserted this irrelevant sentence before it was removed? "Northam told the NYT he had voted for Republican GWB in his presidential campaigns years earlier, saying that his decision was 'wrong'." 
From Newssniffer you can see very clearly that some BBC journalist did indeed add that paragraph (Version 6) before, some hours later, it was vanished (Version 7) - the only paragraph to be removed in that edit. 

Version 6:

 Version 7:

Yes, which "BBC Dem supporter" was it? And who overruled them?

P.S. May a million angels bless and protect the magnificent Newssniffer!

Update - DB added:
Development of this story is instructive. The instinct of BBC journos is to protect Dems wherever possible. Don't mention the bad man is Dem (in fact give impression he could be GOP). When called out admit he's a Dem, but add for no reason that he voted GWB in the past.


  1. I heard the news on Radio 4 in which "who is a Democrat" sounded v. much like an edited insert, presumably put in after the BBC realised they were bang to rights on how they had treated previous cases involving Republicans.

  2. I find it surprising that it hasn't occurred to critics that a politician admitting to voting for the opposite party is interesting and unusual, even if not relevant to the story at hand.


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