Sunday 10 February 2019

More MacShame?

Good old Denis MacShane - Europe Minister under Tony Blair, jailed for false accounting in 2013. 

He's a good egg basically, if ultra-pro-EU and a convicted criminal, but - fervent Mark Mardell fan that he is - he's not above posting a little bit of Lord Adonis-style fake BBC-bashing:

"But not the BBC elites who promote Brexit ideologues".

I don't believe he believes that fraudulent claim for one minute.


  1. Denis the Menace was always coming with cunning plans that backfired. Calling the BBC a vipers' nest of hard right pro-Brexit ideologues sounds like a typical Denis the Menace cunning plan.

    It was only after he discovered that his neighbour has spread super-hard super glue over their greenhouse glass - so the ballbearing from his catapult rebounded and hit him square in the eye - that Denis realised his supposedly clever ruse was a stupid and pointless exercise.

  2. coming with = coming UP with obviously!

  3. The kind of working class the BBC feels comfortable with are all those comedians and media celebrities who live thoroughly middle class lives whilst hypocritically proclaiming their “working class roots”.


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