Thursday 7 February 2019

Run! Hide!

Blogger and humanist Margaret Nelson had an early call from ‘plod’ after some trannies who were accidentally exposed to the awful biological truth about sex swooned and dialled 999. 

However, plod realised 74-year-old Margaret Nelson hadn’t committed an actual crime so they said ‘we are sorry for phoning you at the crack of 9am.’ Too late though; no good being sorry now.

Just wondering why one needs to be 74 before one can legitimately cease to give a f*ck? 
It’s not your actual age, though, is it, that frees you up? It’s being in a position of not having to worry that your ugly thoughts will finish off your career or your social life or whatevs. Or put you behind bars. Is it a real crime now? Have Anna Soubry and Stella Creasy made it one yet? 
Can they pick up those troublesome intrusive thoughts? I think they have ways.

The BBC has made a ridiculous mountain out of this. 'Actor with a voice like a foghorn, hoist by his own publicity stunt.' Race/hate/fantasy/thought crime. Beware!  Liam Neeson is still at large!  Career down the pan, vilified and ostracised but still free to think bad thoughts should he have the temerity to do so.
Be sensible, like me; if the phone rings, don’t answer. If there’s a knock at the door, hide. 


  1. We are losing the space for ideas. It used to be that everyone defended 'the boxing ring', the neutral space that belonged to us all whatever 'side' we were on.

    Now those that claimed to be on the front line for Civil Liberties want to get rid of 'the ring'. Just like 'climate science' it is 'all settled', there is only one side and most of us aren't on it.

  2. People like Stella Creasy are the real extremists, seeking to finish off our proud tradition of free speech. Tom Watson is another one - wanting all social media to be subject to PC Ofcom style policing. We know that means suppression of all political expression that doesn't meet PC requirements.


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