Tuesday 12 February 2019

Maladministration at the top of the European Commission - ruling

European ombudslady

I spy breaking news, though it must be said mainly on my Twitter feed...

Emily O'Reilly, the European Union's chief ombudsman (elected by the European Parliament), has slammed the European Commission for ignoring its own rules when appointing Martin Selmayr as Secretary General of the Commission last year.

She's ruled that the Commission committed four acts of "maladministration" by appointing Mr Selmayr as Mr Juncker's right-hand man in February 2018 and “did not follow EU law, in letter and spirit" and "did not follow the Commission’s own rules”.

Mr Selmayr, as you probably know, is playing a highly controversial role in the Brexit negotiations.

The European Commission has (in the usual way of such things) rejected her findings. Apparently, she's not been fair!

So Big News then about EU maladministration at the very highest level - something that's of obvious relevance to the ongoing EU membership debate here in the UK.

It will be interesting to see how the BBC reports this. So far there appears to be nothing. 

The likes of the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Express (as well as Politico) have reported it quickly - as you might expect. 

So will the pro-Remain media, including the BBC, try to squash this story?

Let's watch and see.

Lead story on tonight's BBC News at Ten anyone? (No, me neither).

Ah, and, yes, I see DB is already on the case:

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  1. The hypocrisy of the BBC knows no bounds. They want us in the EU because it is big and powerful. But they tell the British people virtually nothing about its inner workings, bar the odd "crisis" meeting.


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