Sunday 24 February 2019


Sunday Programme featured another interview with Tanya Joya. (Scroll to 25:19) Once again, she reinforced the points I made earlier about the family’s culpability in this epidemic of radicalisation. These families and ‘communities’ are just as responsible for their children’s propensity to rebel or ‘break out’ as any other families whose over-strict, oppressive and repressive regimes produce in their offspring, pressure-cooker style; unhappiness, rebellion, criminality and general antisocial behaviour. 
“You live without romance, without sex till you marry, have children, have grandchildren, you die.” 
says Tania by way of an explanation for this behaviour. If there’s any cure for this self-inflicted societal problem imposed upon this country by the Blair government (and I don’t really think there is) then it’s only by whole families receiving ‘de-radicalising’ in the form of family therapy or whole-community re-habilitation.  Not a compulsory time-limited course of once-a-week classes to be endured and forgotten, perhaps with a spot of community service thrown in in lieu of pay-back.

I really didn’t know this, but I now see that Shamima’s father lives in Bangladesh. So much for the stable family background.

father figure

I read a terrific piece in the Spectator (£) by Douglas Murray in which he cited many of the references I made in one of my previous posts. I wish I could flatter myself that he had read my article. I wish -  but spot the convergence.


In the void created by the 10am start of the Andrew Marr show, one can be forced to watch Sophy Ridge. We all know she’s just ‘pretending’, like a little girl dressed up in her mother’s clothes. If you can get over that, (I couldn’t) you’ll have concentrated on her conversation with Barry Gardiner.

Fresh from his tearful contribution to last Wednesdays’ antisemitism debate in the HoC, a reptilian Gardiner now admits that the only one of his ex-Labour Party colleagues he believes to be genuine when citing antisemitism as a factor in their decision to defect is Luciana Berger. Does he doubt even Joan Ryan’s sincerity? 

While we’re on the subject of pressure cookers, Gardiner’s exaggeratedly measured delivery gives the impression of someone sitting on an impending explosion. At the end of an interview, his tetchy “Right?” reminded me of Jeremy Corbyn at his most irritable when, with a menacing stare, he croaks “Can I finish?”

The Labour Party’s concept of antisemitism is confined to stereotypical tried and tested tropes and memes. “Bankers” “Controlling the world” “Hook-nosed”, and various sad old slogans. They’re watching out for jackboots, swastikas and the Heil-Hitler salute. 

It’s Zionism that they have a problem with. Somebody from the Guardian has gone to Luciana Berger's constituency, Wavertree, to get an idea of what her constituents think. Of course, we can’t be sure whether this is a fair representation, or a cherry-picked, Guardianista/BBC type agenda driven exercise, but this is what I mean:
“To judge by the area’s recent political dramas, it’s a phrase that hasn’t gone out of fashion. Last week, the constituency’s sitting MP, Luciana Berger, announced that she was quitting the Labour party to join the Independent Group. Among the reasons she gave for leaving was growing antisemitism within Labour.”
The vox pop format continues and clearly demonstrates a combination of a profound lack of interest in antisemitism because “no dog in the fight”,  a fistful of old fashioned conspiracy theories and, most significant, a well embedded and completely misinformed and passionate pro-Palestinianism.  
“Stephen Brown, who supplements his pension by selling sausages to the local pubs, also said he was sad Berger was gone. “She didn’t deserve to be treated that way,” he said, adding as an unthinking afterthought, “even though she is Jewish.” 
Like most people I encountered, Brown is a diehard Labour supporter, but not one particularly aware of antisemitic issues, including his own. “I’ve got nothing against Jeremy Corbyn,” he said, “but he got into bed with the wrong Jews.” What did that mean? “The high rollers,” he explained. 
Though sympathy for Berger was common, almost no one I spoke to had a good word to say about Hatton. Michael, a builder in a baseball cap, thought he was untrustworthy. He didn’t know about his tweet, but he said: “I work with Jews in the building business, and they’re lovely people. Then, when you’re in the pub with your friends, someone will talk about the Jews, the Rothschilds and all that.” 
Anne Maloney, a retired teacher who lives in one of the elegant houses, is not a party member, but she’s a loyal Labour voter. What did she make of Berger as an MP? “I wrote to her once,” she told me. 
What about? “Palestine. I firmly believe Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian territories. She wrote back saying she supported the Palestinian people. But I didn’t think she was campaigning for the Palestinians. The problem is any criticism of Israel is always seen as antisemitism.” 
Her neighbour, a woman in her 40s who didn’t want to give her name, concurred. She said that she voted Green and had never agreed with Derek Hatton but, as a supporter of the Palestinians, she couldn’t see what was wrong with his tweet. Had she read it? “A summary of it, yes.” 
The original wasn’t long. It stated: “Jewish people with any sense of humanity need to start speaking out publicly against the ruthless murdering being carried out by Israel!”

Ruthless murdering? No wonder they hate the wrong kind of Jews. The Zionist ones. The Jews that the BBC has been indirectly and disingenuously demonising for the last half a dozen decades, by simply missing out all references to the religious bigotry that fuels the Palestinians’ racism and the provocative aggression that arises from it.

Where Israel is concerned, these misinformed activists and their puppeteer churnalists in the MSM are like royalists who are more royalist than the actual King.  They are just as responsible for perpetuating the ‘Palestinian cause’ which is ultimately to replace the thriving Jewish state with yet another failed Islamic one as any of your common or garden racist antisemites.  

So I can only echo Barry Gardiner with a very tetchy “Right!” 


  1. Yes, Tanya is everywhere at the moment. I'm sure she was on Sky too.

    And that fine Douglas Murray is very like yours.

    1. As I'm sure Rob Burley has never said: "She's a looker - book 'er!"


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