Sunday 10 February 2019

Please don't read this post

What do you make of this? 

Is it great craic (as some vile people say), or evidence that the BBC is being trashed by complete and utter social media morons?

The following video features the BBC's Emma Vardy, carrying on regardless as befits a true professional - though entirely against her will - whilst some pranksters pull a prank on her. (One for the cops maybe?)

What the BBC has to put up with at times is beyond disgraceful, and this video is in no way whatsoever funny. Such 'humour' simply isn't amusing. Its makers need to grow up. And anyone who laughs at it needs to grow up too. You're disgusting.

Repeatedly playing sex noises while a BBC reporter is reporting live on BBC Breakfast about Brexit is completely beyond the pale. No one in our neck of the blogosphere should ever think of condoning such disgraceful, puerile behaviour. #solidaritywithEmmaVardy.

The juveniles behind this should be completely ashamed of themselves. And I for one won't be posting their video, with all its self-promoting tweet's nasty cuss words.

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