Wednesday 27 February 2019

You can't keep a good man down

I'm posting this because I think the Facebook/Instagram ban is as significant than the John Sweeney affair, if not more so. It's definitely very worrying.


  1. If only he could be a bit less angry, I get why he is, but that and the speaking with the hands and pointing always reminds me of a certain someone which is unfortunate.

  2. Can't keep a good man down? Sadly you can if you own all the forces of oppression and are prepared to use them ruthlessly. The "public square" on the internet is owned by billionaires (including Saudi billionaires) who support PC globalism and will not countenance any significant threat to their ideology. TR is being closed down everywhere. It looks like people are being diverted from his website and he is being disappeared from searches.

    This is 1984. This is dishonest. This is the antithesis of free speech.

    A peep from Paul Staines or Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees-Mogg? Nope.

    There's isn't a single MP or a single mainstream media contributor (that includes Peter Hitchens) who is issuing even the mildest of protests. Not one! If people think the Left-Sharia-Globalist mob won't come for them eventually, they are sadly mistaken.

    1. If any MP or media person said anything at all to defend TR, they would be sacked. Guido would be blackballed and lose his contacts.

      Their source of income would dry up and they would struggle to get a job.

      Such is the hidden powers of the elite on TR.

    2. M.B. It's like we're becoming like China, what with all the censorship they have to endure.

      Tommy seems to be saying what many of us are saying behind closed doors.
      The BBC and Panorama set out to destroy him but instead faced utter humiliation and annihilation. And as T.R left the room, Sweeny and the BBC Panorama team looked utterly defeated and were blown away.
      And yes there still isn't a mainstream contributor prepared to come on board with our outspoken one.
      I also wondered if it was an image thing as 'Clockworkorange' was indicating. I think we all fear anyone that behaves like said one.

      Of course Tommy is not the only one trying to take on the establishment. There's also former retired Policeman and whistleblower John Wedger. So good luck to him as well. He has also proved that everything is rotten at the top of the establishment.


    3. Yes, it's partly image...Tommy Robinson comes from a particular section of the working class community where that is how people get their point across. What he's saying is perfectly rational but it's not delivered in the preferred manner of British political culture. To my way of thinking we are told to be inclusive, so I don't see this is a particular problem as long as his arguments are reasonable.

    4. Anon said "Tommy seems to be saying what many of us are saying behind closed doors"
      "Tommy seems to be saying what JOHN SWEENEY is saying behind closed doors."


    Glad to hear he's getting the lawyers ready to take on Facebook in the USA where free speech is still viewed as important, despite the rise of extreme left Democrats who want to see it killed off.

  4. Have you guys have followed the exposes Project_Veritas have been doing against Facebook, with footage of their staff saying how they rig the FB system against conservatives and red-pilling ?


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