Friday 31 October 2014

A cunning plan

The Greens are still hopping mad at the BBC for refusing to give them a spot in the general election leadership debates. Many a sympathetic left-winger has been petitioning, tweeting, blogging or writing articles in the nation press claiming that this shows right-wing bias at the BBC - especially as the hated UKIP are being given a spot (on ITV). 

Here, however, courtesy of the Telegraph's Michael Deacon, is a way to present all this as proof of the BBC's left-wing bias after all:

Seeing red over green bias at BBC
For decades now, many of the BBC’s critics have accused it of having a Left-wing bias.
I’d find it easier to dismiss these critics as conspiracy theorists if only the BBC didn’t seem so determined to prove them right – at least on the subject of the televised leaders’ debates. This is because Corporation executives are apparently refusing to allow the Green Party a slot – while at the same time offering one to Ukip and its leader Nigel Farage.
I can’t see why the BBC shouldn’t include the leaders of both parties; the more options the electorate is offered, the better for democracy. Of course, the party most threatened by the rise of the Greens is Labour.
The inference critics will draw is that the BBC is happy to split the Right, but not the Left. 

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