Monday 17 February 2020

Clive mired

Such sentiments, so charmingly expressed, can hardly fail to win people over, can they?

And talking of charmers, here's that nice James O'Brien riding to the BBC's defence:

"Get it yet?"


  1. There's a hint of the Simpson about Myrie's comment. After the 2016 EU referendum result, Simpson bemoaned the fact that the BBC hadn't 'explained' the Remain case fully to the ignorant misguided population. Myrie takes the same tone.

    1. There's more than a hint, in fact a screaming siren of Labour modus operandi about this kind of self serving speak. That's exactly what they'd been screeching for years when people complained about uncontrolled immigration: we haven't explained it well enough; we must redouble our efforts and do more to impose it and our view of it on people; they must be made to like it; it shall be liked.

  2. Perhaps Mr Myrie is starting to worry about what may be coming.
    I shouldn't think he'll be too happy with all the negative responses he's getting. Some of the visual image sounbites made me chuckle, like....'BBC. Lights! Camera! Fiction!
    And also a picture of Saint Huw Edwards reading the News with the caption "Good evening, it's 6 o'clock and here's what we want you to think."

    Mr Myrie is someone who only last year said while reviewing 'The Papers' that "Britain couldn't possibly afford to go crashing out of the E.U. That would be catastrophic."
    Interestingly Mr Myrie's carbon footprint is none too friendly as he always seems to be the first one to be flown out to report on some far away global catastrophe, with his last freebee being that trip out to Australia to report on the Bushfires. And no doubt a costly trip all paid for out of our BBC Licence fee.

    John....North London.

  3. Dyed in the wool Labour man John Pienaar is leaving the BBC to join Times Radio after 30 years at the Beeb. Is this a rat deserting a sinking ship, no longer content in the bosom of Auntie?

  4. Clive has neatly summed up the BBC groupthink regarding its licence payers and why their entire output is agenda driven.

    We need serious education because we are ignorant.

    On race, gender, socialism, religion, health, environment, climate change and the rest. The whole woke catalogue in fact. They need to check our thinking and make sure we are educated in the right kind of thinking.

  5. Yep, I get it.

    What does the BBC do?

    At every opportunity, not just in news but in comedy, science, arts, sports coverage, economics, documentaries, drama and so on, it pushes a PC globalist agenda - pro-mass migration, pro-EU, anti-Trump,against borders, all cultures are equal, all religions are equal,there should be equality of outcome, women should be over-represented in various professions, women's sport is the equal of men's sport in all regards etc etc

    Why it's important?

    The BBC has through the equivalent of something like £300 billion of money over the last nearly 100 years
    managed to lodge itself in the psyche of the nation.
    Once, when it was a force for national unity, genuine education, interesting cultural broadcasting, and real social progress, that was not a problem. But now it is propagandising on behalf of a narrow puritanical PC sect against the interests of the nation, it is a real danger to our health, wealth and happiness. It racialises everything, argues for unachievable equality of outcome in all fields, promotes transgenderism, supports further mass immigration in the tens of millions and attempted to overturn a democratic vote of the people. We cannot let it continue in its present form or it will destroy us.

    How is it paid for?

    By what is officially called a tax, one which penalises the poor and clogs up our courts.

  6. I get it.

    I get that if everybody that wanted to watch football had to pay Sheffield Wednesday £154.50 for the pleasure I could watch them for £5 per match rather than £35 per match ... bargain.

  7. Myrie keeps lying on his Twitter feed:

    "Sir, the TV licence PAYS for radio. If everyone stopped paying the TV licence and listened to the radio, there’d be no radio to listen to, because there’d be no money to pay for it."

    Doesn't he realise there is commercial radio? LBC (and now Times Radio) would still be there if all BBC radio stations disappeared.

    But there is no reason why BBC radio in some form should not be retained if the BBC moved to a subcripstion basis. For instance the Government could require Radios 1 and 2 to carry advertising to support radios 3 and 4. Selling off all the BBC local stations would free up revenue for supporting Radios 3 and 4. Integrating news coverage across radion and TV would also allow for a less expensive radio operation.

    "Because at the moment if you choose not to pay your phone bill, BT will jolly well cut you off. If you refuse to pay the licence, you’re TV signal can’t be zapped."

    Er - has he never heard of encoding? It's perfectly possible to encode BBC TV so that only those who pay the licence fee can get it.

    "PBS!! You’re joking right?? PBS plays BBC progs on a loop, mainly Antiques Roadshow, cos it’s all it can afford and is flat broke."

    I watch PBS America occasionally. It's far more than that! As for being "flat broke" it's been in existence for more than 50 years now.

    State funding for PBS/NPR (the radio equivalent) in the USA is about half a billion dollars - so not insignificant! Add to that big donations from (most lefty) donors, fund raisers and so on...I suspect they must be deploying well over one billion dollars.

    Flat broke? Er no.


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