Thursday 20 February 2020


Another day, another example of identity politics lunacy treated as 'a real thing' by the BBC:

The tweeting public aren't convinced though. The helpful responses to Alex's question include: Potatoheads, Ferengi (from Star Trek), folk from Bolton, Linekers, Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street, blow-up dolls, Essex girls and a race of Prince Charles/Mick Jagger hybrids. I myself think the racism is directed against one of the most vulnerable minority groups in our society, the Oddbods from Carry on Screaming. 


  1. Just an excuse to picture Fenella!

    Definitely a potato head.

  2. This piece of pointlessness is credited 'By Tom Gerken BBC News Washington'. Is that supposed to be Washington on the other side of the country or DC - nothing happening either place? How does a News person in Washington become interested enough in a piece of local trivial non-news in New York to put it up as News? And why would this non-news non-thing be of any interest to the licence fee payer here?
    It wouldn't be the BBC scratching around looking to make something out of nothing while ignoring anything that might actually be news?

    1. In case you didn't know they actually have a "New York correspondent" - Nick Bryant, who hardly ever reports anything about New York (hardly surprising as the place isn't that interesting really - just a financial centre, not much happens there except people make money...certainly no justification for the BBC to have a special correspondent based there).
      Don't know why he couldn't tear himself away from the writing of his latest book and actually do some work for a change.

      I keep seeing these random names attached to US-origin articles. I think it must be an BBC intern farm out there...Little beeboids being raised like chicks in an incubator. Mr Gerken seems amiable enough but he doesn't exactly have the gravitas of an Alistair Cooke, does he?

    2. Yes he's been mentioned here a few times and I've even heard him once or twice recently on R4. I see Mr Sopel is with us, presenting Today and appearing on Marr. Is he back for good or just for a break between books? Maybe he has a book to promote?

  3. The eyebrows look like they belong to the Mates gene pool. Here's James Mates:

    But the ears must have come from somewhere else.

    The lips were clearly left behind on the Love Island beach...someone must have picked them up thinking they might come in handy.


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