Saturday 1 February 2020

"It is a very white crowd"

This is quite something:

The BBC reporter in question is Geeta Guru-Murthy. Was she trying to elicit a racist answer?

Julia Hartley-Brewer's comments on the matter are germane:
BBC reporter to Brexiteers celebrating in Parliament Square: “It’s a very white crowd”. When she reports at the Notting Hill Carnival, does she point out the “very black crowd” to the people she interviews too? 
And does the reporter also not understand that Brexit will limit immigration from largely *white* EU countries do has bugger all to do with skin colour anyway? 
Oh, and this is the only country in the world where the national flag is seen as a symbol of division not unity.


  1. This is the way things are going...there was a disgusting item on ITV London News the other evening where they (a presenter and guest) were actually inspecting photographs of the England cricket team to establish who and how many were non-white...just as a BOSS officer might have done in the sixties in South Africa.

    As pointed out on another thread, the Remainer protest marches were about 99% white. And the BBC Management Board are about 95% white as well.

    1. The BBC have a problem with English cricket. Through the Asian Network they consistently promote the idea that Indian and Asian cricket generally is the new power base due to the money it attracts there. The last four test match series in which England (and Wales) have taken part - Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa - have all been closely fought and exciting. The diversity of the team has been in part its strength, but the teams are picked on talent alone. The England World Cup winning team was exceptionally diverse - again players were picked on talent in the 50 overs game.


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