Tuesday 18 February 2020


Michael Rosen is such an engaging  presenter of BBC Radio 4's Word of Mouth that his considerably less pleasant political side still keeps springing nasty surprises.

Here he was on Twitter this very morning trolling the British Jewish Board of Deputies: 

As you'd expect, he's had well over a thousand 'likes' from his Corbynista followers, delighted to have got one over on the Jews. 

There's just one problem though: The Board of Deputies had protested to the Government about Andrew Sabisky's appointment, yesterday, 12 hours before Michael Rosen sent out that tweet.

In true Corbynista fashion, when it was pointed out to him (within the last half an hour) that "they posted condemning his appointment long before you tweeted this", he replied (to yet more 'likes' from his adoring fans), "I can see ‘registering our concerns’. Is that ‘condemning’?"

Well, he clearly didn't look very far. The Board of Deputies tweet in full was:
It is right that Andrew Sabisky is no longer working for the Government. We had registered our concerns with Downing St earlier. There can be no place for such views in our politics. 
If that's not 'condemning', then what is?

As a consummate wordsmith, he knows that, of course. He just doesn't want to lose face in front of his fanatical fans and is trying to bluff and blag his way out of having to apologise to the hated Corbyn critics at the Board of Deputies. 

Tut, tut! What would linguist Dr Laura Wright say, Michael?


  1. Something Sabisky said (not reported by BBC Newsnight) when advocating consideration of compulsory contraception: "Vaccination laws give it a precedent, I would argue." Indeed they do, but of course PC Globalists love vaccination laws, so best leave that out, eh, Emily?

    Reading up on Sabisky's ill-advised comments, it seems he was arguing for IQ testing at 11 as a way of concentrating resources on pupils with lower IQ. So hardly the stuff of 1933-45.

    Not sure where Sabinsky lies on the IQ scale but wouldn't be at all surprised to find he's a MENSA member - they come out with some really stupid policy ideas!

    Also re IQ across the world, nearly all tests show Far East Asian - Chinese, Koreans and Japanese especially - do a lot better than Europeans. Why that should be is very open to question I would say. I think they value hard study more. And there is no doubt a link between IQ and edcuation (because they had to reset IQ calibrations numerous times in the 20th century as people became better at doing the tests, due to education, radio, TV and so on).

  2. Rosen's career is creating frictional narratives.

    1. He's SWP: Spreading Woke Propaganda.

  3. Corbynistas, unfortunately do not change and Rosen was indeed playing to the gallery without any regard to fair journalism.

    It wasn’t Sabisky’s views on average IQ’s that I found so disturbing. Taking an extreme view on either side of the nature/nurture argument seems misguided to say the least. it was his comments on FGM, which he apparently believes does no hard to young girls.

    1. Tell that to the much-needed-elsewhere who staff the 14 NHS FGM clinics.

  4. This is in no way a defence of Rosen but I do think the culture of "likes" on social media has a really corrosive effect on debate.


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