Sunday 9 February 2020


The three-way tie suggested by the exit poll in the Irish general election between the Family of Gaels, Ourselves Alone and the Soldiers of Destiny reminds the presenter of BBC Radio 4's Making History, historian Tom Holland, of my favourite film scene: the three-way shootout at the climax of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Having thought that, Tom then had another thought:
Obviously, if it DOES come to a shoot-out, one of those 3 parties will have a bit of an unfair advantage...


  1. BBC were predicting last month that Sinn Fein would struggle to keep the same number of seats it had previously. What do we pay them for? Their powers of prediction are useless.

    All analysts seem to suggest housing and health were the big issues in the Irish election...but, suspiciously, they don't explain why these two should policy areas should be of such concern.

    Here's a little clue from me: the foreign born population has already grown from about 5% to 15% (these are declared figures, excluding illegal immigration of course). Fine Gael planned to import another one million migrants by 2040, a further increase of about 25% on the current population.

    And, what a surprise, there's a housing crisis, just as there is in the southern half of England as well as extreme pressure on the health service.

    The political elite in the Republic no longer stand for the independence of Ireland, only implementation of PC Globalism.

  2. One would have thought that the BBC is delighted that SinnFein IRA is ahead in the polls, as the BBC has wanted a united Ireland for decades so those bigoted Protestants in Ulster and bigoted Catholics in the South get a kicking for not accepting the BBC worldview where unlimited immigration and left liberal immorality are positive attributes.

    SinnFein IRA is a quasi Marxist authoritarian party hiding its true colours appealing to the have-nots who always want something for nothing paid for by other people.


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