Saturday 1 February 2020

Lewis and his public

Lewis Goodall, Newsnight's policy editor, marked the moment of Brexit with an elephant:
Half a century of history is over. New chapter about to begin. Only thing that’s certain about it is its uncertainty. We joined the EEC partly because we weren’t sure what role to play in the world political and economic order. We’ve now got to answer that question afresh. 
Next: huge negotiations between the UK/EU in the next 11 months. Problem for Britain: the elephant in the room, rarely acknowledged publicly by British politicians: the relative economic power imbalance between the two sides. It may become more obvious in the months to come.
As he wrote this on Twitter he received plenty of audience feedback, most of it of the following kind:
  1. Check the balance of trade sh*thouse.
  2. How about the fact they sell a huge amount more to us than vice versa and still want to do so?
  3. I bet Goodall is a laugh a minute at parties.
  4. Par for the course. Pro EUers portraying the EU as holding all the aces in negotiations and UK at their mercy. Very much not the case. The failing EU needs a good trade deal with UK and not a competitor on its doorstep.. The UK has a strong hand and Boris will play it
  5. When is Newsnight getting dumped?
  6. For once, just once, stop being an EU stooge.
  7. Bugger off. BBC bias plain for all to see. Scrap the licence fee!
  8. As ever you are playing the role of the EU. Power is not always in the BIG. Your usual BBC bias is so obvious: let's end the licence of bias!
  9. Actually the elephant in the room is the trade imbalance between the U.K. and the EU and especially or thankfully with Germany.
  10. Yes Lewis we know the debt and fiscal struggles in the EU given the economic imbalance in their nation states. I’m sure we’ll give them a good enough deal though. Don’t worry.
  11. The real elephant in the room is the trade imbalance - in our favour. Your lack of intelligence is breathtaking.
  12. You're the only elephant in the room so just jog on.
  13. Are you even going to attempt balance?
  14. Conveniently forgot the near 100 billion trade deficit I see!!! And you call yourself a economic reporter.
  15. Apart from Andrew Neil the BBC's political pieces and journos wouldn't know unbiased reporting if it hit em in the face.
Many were a lot ruder.


  1. And yet the guy must have skin as thick as an elephant and blinkers the size of an elephant's ears. He just doesn't see it does he!

  2. Lewis deploys the Adler Gambit: the EU is strong, its reach is long and it's never wrong.

    To which I reply:

    1.Yugoslav Civil War.

    2. Georgia

    3. Ukraine

    4. Syria

    5. Merkel's million migrant madness.

    6. The atrohy of Southern Europe under the EU Empire.

    7. The EU's rapidly declining share of the World's GDP.

    8. The EU's opposition to free speech.

    9. The EU's hubristic plans for an EU army.

    10. The EU's plan to supplant NATO.

  3. Lewis was clearly a top hire in the Nish mould to get BBC fortunes back on track.

  4. excellent ten pointer thankyou ❤


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