Thursday 24 March 2016

Blame game

I don’t know how many Jeremy Corbyn lookie-likies I’ve seen recently, but it’s more than a few. One was disguised as a postman, one was a highways workman in a hi-viz gilet, one was an estate agent; goodness only knows how many more there are out there. Corby’d have no problem finding a body-double if things got nasty. Saddam used to have several, didn’t he?


Ever since we boycotted Peter Oborne by ditching the Telegraph in exchange for The Times I’ve had misgivings about their anti-Israel correspondent, Gregg Carlstrom. He shows his true colours on Twitter.

To which Richard Millett replied:

As Adam Levick says, avalanches of post-terror, blame-Israel/ blame Europe rhetoric can spew out all over  the place and go unreported and unchallenged by the media. As soon as an Israeli says anything that looks rude or insensitive the press has a field day.
Gregg Carlstrom has to castigate Israel for saying “we told you so” about terrorism, which he calls ‘an ugly ritual from the right’.

Oh well, if Carlstrom thinks telling the truth is an ugly ritual, that might explain his ritualistic attempts to prettify Israel’s enemies.


At the risk of mirror-mimicking people who divide Jews into Good and Bad (Good, being anti-Israel and bad being ‘Zio’) I admire "Good" Palestinian Bassem Eid. 

“We know that journalists today, either they became pro-Palestinian or they became pro-Israeli, and I don’t think that the media right now is benefiting the Israeli Palestinian conflictin any way or another. In my opinion, the media, unfortunately, right now, became as a part of the conflict, rather than to be a part of the solution of the problem.”

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  1. I was struck, from the not-bad BBC documentary on IS terror in Europe last night, just how much crucial info authorities in Europe are getting from CIA and Mossad.


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