Monday 28 March 2016

Mahmoud’s £8 million Palace and other deserving causes

Did you know you were contributing to Mahmoud Abbas’s £8million palace? No, neither did I. Nor did I know that I was contributing to the wages of murderers, including Amjad and Hakim Awad, the Palestinian cousins who killed Ehud and Ruth Fogel and three of their children in an unimaginably bloodthirsty manner. 

I know OMG the Daily Mail is not the most reliable source, and I understand that it puts a sensationalist spin on any gossip, rumour or scandal it lays its hands on, but this isn’t the first time I’ve heard murmurings about this, and I’m glad at least someone has managed to set it out in no uncertain terms, so that it reaches a wider audience. Even if only to make people think, and ask a few questions.

On Broadcasting House yesterday morning, the papers were reviewed by Digby, Lord Jones, amongst others. He mentioned the MailonSunday’s article about foreign aid and he did say it features a petition one can sign, but he failed to tell us, specifically, that Palestinian criminals were amongst the beneficiaries of our cash. He said things like:

“We’re a generous country; I think every Brit would be proud of that.” [...]”The underlying message is that we’ve ring-fenced 0.7% of our GDP” [...]  “I’m sure lots of it is going to good things, but when we gave £5.9million to the Americans? We paid £13,00 for a rich Texan businessman to fly to London for a summit?” ...[...] “It doesn’t mean don’t give money to the developing world. What it does mean is just look  more carefully at where it’s going”  

Oh well, maybe he thinks the Palestinians are a more deserving cause than the recipients he cited, which do disturb him. Maybe he didn’t want to offend any pro-Palestinian listeners. Maybe he didn’t notice. Who knows.

Update: There are currently 136,887 signatures on this petition (11am; 29th March 2016)


  1. I think the UK citizenry do have generous instincts. If we could be assured every single penny was directly benefitting poor people around the world we (or most of us at least) would be happy to part with 0.7 of GDP. Personally I would limit aid to projects that minimise opportunities for corruption.

  2. But our BDS movement doesn't mind destroying Palestinian jobs - - a chance for peaceful co-existence which BDS destroyed.

  3. At least he was allowed to mention it at all. That's a step forward. One more reason to like Lord Digby. Placing any label on the acts of Palestinian violence towards Israelis is, of course, a value judgment, which is verboten (except when approved by the Style Guide). If they called them terrorists or criminals, they'd have to call everything Israel does an atrocity and human rights violation, in the interests of balance.

  4. The Daily Mail is reporting a priest was crucified by IS in Yemen on Good Friday. The BBC have nothing. Maybe there is nothing, in which case the BBC's restraint is commendable. However, the BBC has a track record of suppressing inconvenient truths. So is this another one?

  5. Things you won't see on the BBC Part 2496:

    Islamic supremacist desecrates memorial to victims of Brussels terror attack. Would Grammaticus call him a thug? I very much doubt it.


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