Saturday 12 March 2016

What? Watt?

It's funny cos it's true...

We had a little exchange here a couple of weeks back about the likely replacement for ex-Guardian journalist Allegra Stratton after her departure from ex-Guardian editor Ian Katz's Guardian-like Newsnight:

And, yes, he would dare!...


  1. How dare the BBC take yet another job away from a deserving woman or ethnic minority.

  2. I've seen the low wattage Watt on This Week several times. He always struck me as useless and self-regarding with an annoying nasal twang. What happened to people with gravitas? - like him or loathe him, John Simpson was a fine reporter who more often than not correctly predicted the course of events. Most of the other people in for the job appeared equally lightweight. I don't rate Isabel Hardman at all. Have you read her stuff on the Referendum at the Spectator? It would be different produce anything more bland unless you put a slice of Edam on top.


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