Sunday 6 March 2016

The imam returns

BBC Breakfast's favourite imam, Ibrahim Mogra (Assistant Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain), was doing the paper review again this morning.

His first choice of story probably won't surprise you...(it certainly didn't surprise me. He always seems to begin with a 'Muslim story')....yes, he went straight for the "extremely worrying" Independent on Sunday story about alleged British government collusion in rendition and torture at "notorious" Guantanamo Bay.

The PM needs to respond seriously to the charges, he said, "because this is just one other bit of ammunition that can be put into the hands of evil and violent extremists who say, 'We've always told you: the West is against Islam; the West is against Muslims; see how they treat our brothers in Guantanamo Bay'. That doesn't help our cause".

The imam's description of the claims in the article as "facts" may not have helped 'our cause' either.

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  1. I'm sure the two gutsy presenters challenged him on that: "But these people are out to destroy our way of life. The Koran mandates crucifixion and limb removal for people who raise insurrection. So why are you so worked up about these relatively mild methods? "

    Ha-ha...only in my dreams.


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