Tuesday 29 March 2016

Still keeping tabs on 'The World Tonight'

Here's a riveting post...

...especially for those of you who have been panting with anticipation for my latest 'Keeping tabs' post on the EU referendum coverage from Radio 4 grown-up answer to NewsnightThe World Tonight. 

So, what happened last week?

I think this music might set the mood for what's to come....

Given the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Tory splits following the resignation of IDS, the conviction of Radovan Karadžić, Donald Trump saying something that didn't hit the spot with some people, the recapture of Palmyra, etc, the EU referendum rather slipped from focus this week, so only one edition of The World Tonight covered it.

The Monday 21 March edition featured an joint interview with Peter Oborne of the Daily Mail and former Channel 4 political editor Elinor Goodman. They were on to discuss Tory splits, comparing how things are now with how things were back in the John Major years. 

Though Mr Oborne is known to be pro-Leave and I presume Ms Goodman to be pro-Remain, they stuck to talking about personalities and party politics, so that results in a...

Bias conclusion: n/a

Yep. Bias conclusion: not applicable. And you ploughed though this post for that

If you did: Thank you. 

And as a reward here's another piece from that deeply troubling Nazi Era opportunist Carl Orff (was he? wasn't he?)... 

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  1. Carl Orff sounds like a useful euphemism I will deploy in future. Thanks!


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