Saturday 8 July 2017

Digby Jones has "had it up to here" with the BBC

Here's an exchange from this morning's The Week in Westminster, presented by the FT's George Parker and featuring Lord Digby Jones and Roland Rudd.

(N.B. The Leave-backing Digby attacks the BBC, the Remain-backing Roland backs the BBC here.)
Digby Jones: I have had it up to here with the propaganda sheets otherwise known as the BBC and the Financial Times just willing, just willing this country to fail.
Georger Parker: Digby, we were getting on so well until then!
Digby Jones: I was just going to say, I do need a bit more unbiased reporting from the Beeb and the FT.  I very rarely read a pro-Brexit story in the FT and I very rarely see Laura Kuenssberg on the BBC saying anything but gloating in the failure of something on Brexit. I just wish...
Roland Rudd: (interrupting) Well, come on!
Georger Parker: Roland, are you going to defend the FT and the BBC?
Roland Rudd: Definitely! We have to deal in facts...


  1. I fear Lord Digby Jones's days as a BBC pundit may be numbered. He represents so many of the values that the BBC would try to suppress. His age, his pale, stale and male identity, his big business capitalist mentality, his history of involvement with Gordon Brown's Government etc. His only redeeming feature would be that he is apolitical, and thus he can't be placed in the pigeonhole marked far-right.

    I hope he can continue to be a thorn in the side of the BBC. I'm quite sure he's not the only one whose 'had it up to here'.

  2. I'm a big fan of Lord Digby, but he's wrong to want a pro-Brexit slant. How about just wanting reality, and let the chips fall where they may, rather than opinion-mongering and agenda-pushing from either side?


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