Sunday 23 July 2017

BBC journalists rush in...

Oh dear, how easily BBC types fall for fake news about Donald Trump! 

This is supposedly part of a transcript of a New York Times interview between President Trump and Maggie Haberman, and it's apparently 'gone viral' on Twitter:

I spotted it because Rob Burley, editor of The Andrew Marr Show, tweeted about it, advising us to consider it as a Trump quote worth reading - and the balloon stuff certainly sounded like something worth 'filing for future reference': A US president asking, "How does a balloon even stay in the air? Nobody knows". The snag is that it's fake. 

Rob has now deleted his tweet, given that he must have done exactly what I did and started Googling around only to find it wasn't true. For, yes, Donald Trump did not start talking about balloons at the Bastille Day parade (though he did call the parade 'super-duper'). It's a fake transcript. (The real transcript is here). 

Other BBC types weren't as sharp-eyed as Rob, however. BBC business reporter Joe Lynam rushed straight in there (where angels fear to tread):

Oh dear.


  1. Do I dare see if Katty resisted?

    1. She is hiking the Pyrenees.

      And when not tweeting up her favourite topic tweeting, signing letters.

      (Not going to try that hyperlink thing again)

    2. Katty managed to avoid that one...but the BBC echo chamber continues to resound. She re-tweets a Mark Urban quite from an American newspaper...

      "Britain’s handling of its most important negotiations since World War II is starting to look shambolic"

      Any guess at the paper? Yes, the USA's very own Guardian - the New York Times, the paper that probably gets at least three mentions on Newsnight every week, despite have called the US election so disastrously wrong last year.

    3. Now, who is at the top of the NYT, and a very nice wedge indeed?

      "The chief executive of the New York Times, Mark Thompson, discusses the strange relationship between the paper and US President Donald Trump, on the BBC's Andrew Marr show."

      I make that 'Ex Beeboid discusses Beeboid obsessions and dodgy practices in Beeboid mirroring US paper Beeboid now heads, with a Beeboid on the BBC'.

      Which is nice.

    4. Oh yeah they like their exes. The head of religion who recently left the BBC was on Broadcasting House last week reviewing the papers. His name escapes me. He is apparently now a professor in Bolton. Professor of what I don't know. I missed Thompson on Marr. Last time I saw the dreadful scruff he looked like a more expensively attired and polished scruff. The sheen of wealth that he loves so much.

  2. The Trumpeteer who posted that can be proud of taking a few liberal-lefty scalps. How gullible are they? Of course the groupthink-lefty-huggers will comfort themselves by saying "but how could anyone tell" which simply confirms their world view is askew.

  3. Great catch! They cannot help themselves. Get the embed code. And these people have the gall to lecture proles on how journalism works and act as if they're some professional priest caste with special knowledge and wisdom.

  4. The name Peter Dobbie leapt out at me. Is it the same BBC fellow who went to the Arabic station and fell flat on his face trying to trick Tommy Robinson with a quotation from the Old Testament? BBC "talent", eh?


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