Wednesday 19 July 2017

The appeal of Chris Evans eludes me

What about those BBC salaries? We should ask Phillip Hammond if he thinks any of the BBC’s brightest stars are overpaid. 

Harriet Harperson wondered “What can they possibly do with all that money? (I wondered that too)
The main take-home point from the ‘market value’ argument is the presumption that all these star performers can simply be bought. 

I can understand, say, Robert Peston being lured away from the BBC by ITV’s offer of ‘his own show’, but the thought of, say, Gary Lineker being so mercenary and dissatisfied with all that dosh, (besides the fee Walker’s must pay him) that he’d ditch the BBC for a higher offer seems truly bizarre. Especially now that he’s so sanctimonious.

Beth Rigby was good on Sky. She was first off the blocks with the topic.

I have to say that the appeal of Chris Evans eludes me and gender equality and diversity wrt the BBC bores me to death.


  1. I put this on the Open Thread below, but it is relevant here:

    Chris Evans, who is apparently the highest paid of the BBC presenters, was asked for his comments as he left work today. He was heard to say something like: "The BBC is the ultimate public company".

    If it were, and if it was run as one, we would know a whole lot more about its working methods, of its commercial arm, of its divisions, of its subsidiaries, of it assets, of the sources of its its earnings, of its balance sheet and its profits and/or losses. Oh, and of course its Directors would be voted into Office, and would have to stand for re-election by rotation.

    1. They would have an AGM open to the shareholders where questions could be asked of the Board.

  2. The astounding salary of Evans and the even more astounding salary of Stuart (reads the news badly in Evans show) is well..astounding !
    Seriously if Evans said "If you don't pay me £2mill I'm off, I'd have to ask where to ? Absolute, Capital etc.. nowhere near audience or budget of BBC, If Stuart said I'm off, surely they's open the door for her. The BBC doesn't seem to realize it can call the shots as far as wages are concerned, if there was the will that is.

  3. Does this number reflect Evans' salary before or after he was run out of Top Gear like a rabid dog out of an Old West town?

  4. Beth Rigby? I won't watch her till she learns to speak properly. Learning how to pronounce words ending in "ing" would help.

  5. BBC - Big Beautiful Cash20 July 2017 at 08:03

    Moira Stuart is not a very competent news reader to my mind. I can't really see why a competent one would get more than say £80k. It's not exactly difficult.

    One point that useless UK journos have not yet alighted on is whether some of these beneficiaries are getting pensions based on these mega salaries - if they are BBC staffers that seems quite possible, in which case we could be paying them huge amounts for the next 40 years.

    1. Although Humphries is already 73 so maybe not 40 years of pension! But this is yet another point that useless UK journos haven't yet alighted on. Job security at the Beeb is very high and its seems that these BBC troughers just go on for ever on huge salaries.


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