Sunday 9 July 2017

"I will always be a supporter because of its values and commitment to impartiality"

Just to emphasise the point (as noted by Robin Horbury on an earlier thread), Downing Street's new director of communications, the BBC's former Westminster head of operations Robbie Gibb, announced his career move on Twitter. For those wanting to see action on BBC bias, his pair of tweets won't have quickened the heart:

P.S. I used to have a dog called Robbie. He looked rather like this:

He was a huge fan of Andrew Neil. Used to wag his tail every time he came on the TV. And he got very excited by Jo Coburn. (Or was that just me projecting?) He ignored Michael Portillo though for some strange reason, but always, always growled at Diane Abbott. I used to think that was because he mistook her for a postlady but eventually came to realise that he simply didn't reckon much to her as a politician. I miss him very much.

Partly true story.

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