Sunday 2 July 2017


This is what happens when you very gently disagree with John Simpson on Twitter about whether the BBC is impartial or not:

"No the duty to be neutral though John and unfortunately the BBC are not" really was all David Burns had tweeted in reply to John Simpson yet the BBC's World Affairs editor construed that as "insult & accusation" and 'blocked' the poor man - rather in the manner of an over-sensitive apparatchik in the old Soviet Union one might say!


  1. So what is John Simpson's next step? Can David Burns look forward to the midnight knock and a one-way trip to the gulag? Looks as though Jon Snow is not the only media hack suffering from delusions of grandeur! What is Simpson's beef anyway, does he think Mr Burns is guilty of treason? ...Oops! Just off to barricade the front door...

  2. PS It's well worth reading Austin Mitchell on Brexit Central, 1st July: "It's time to call off the anti-Brexit Festival of Fear." I shudder to think what fate Jon Simpson has in store for him!

  3. Andrea Leadsom's original comment, to be "a bit patriotic", was hardly a major assault on the media. I imagine that she sees patriotism as being supportive of the country as a whole, not 'pushing the government line'.
    Clowns like Simpson sit upon the branch of the tree that they are trying to cut off but are so stupid that they can't see the harm that they are doing in the rush to make cheap debating points.
    We pay your salary John, how about you don't stab us in the back?

    1. That's how I understood her comment as well. Those screaming about it being a Soviet view are spinning it for their own ends. Not honest at all.

      Of course, it's understandable that the Beeboids are a bit sensitive about being patriotic, after being criticized by viewers and friends of Beeboids in the media for openly supporting Team GB during the BBC's Olypmic coverage.


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