Saturday 8 July 2017

More complaints from both sides

Robbie Gibb (l); James Landale (r) - though you probably knew that already

Of course, the big BBC/political story of the week has been that the editor of The Daily Politics, The Sunday Politics and This Week, Robbie Gibb, has left the BBC to become Theresa May's new director of communications. 

As might be expected, there's been pandemonium on Twitter. Mr Gibb has long been a target of anti-BBC Corbynistas, partly because of his Conservative Party past and partly because his brother Nick Gibb is a Conservative MP. And because of Andrew Neil.

"It shows the BBC are run by Tory supporters" is the gist of their response.

(Having the BBC's Diplomatic Correspondent James Landale as his main rival for the post hasn't helped either).

The Andrew Marr Show's Rob Burley is already being mooted as his replacement. He's been  busy defending the BBC on Twitter over Mr Gibb's career move:

Of course, Robbie Gibb going to Downing Street, just as former BBC Question Time editor Craig Oliver went to Downing Street, does show that there are - or have been! - Tories at the BBC. How many there have been (or are) is another matter entirely. 

Another unusual feature of the story is that, as the Independent puts it, "BBC insiders say Mr Gibb is ‘very pro-Brexit’". Who knew there were any 'very pro-Brexit' people at the BBC? (And maybe there aren't any now that he's gone! - though on the balance of probabilities they would have to be some.)

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  1. Robbie Gibb tweeted when his appointment was announced: 'It's been a privilege to work for the BBC. I will always be a supporter because of its values and commitment to impartiality'. With friends like that, who needs enemies? How much deeper into the mire can Theresa May dig herself?


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