Saturday 8 July 2017

John Simpson's response to "anti-BBC bores"

Ian Katz, Rob Burley and Andrew Marr appear to be attempting a charm offensive at the moment with regards to BBC bias.

Other senior BBC journalists, however, are sticking with good old-fashioned BBC arrogance (out with the charm, in with the offensive).

Take the BBC's World Affairs Editor John Simpson for example: 

The article linked to runs as follows:
BBC accused of being lefty, right-wing, pro-Remain, Brexit propaganda channel
The BBC has been accused of having a lefty, right-wing, pro-Remain, Brexit agenda that brainwashes viewers into questioning opposing points of view.
The accusations have prompted some viewers to call for the £147 license fee to be abolished.
“I don’t pay my license fee to hear views that differ from my own,” said disgruntled viewer Simon Williams.
“It’s bad enough that I have to sit through programmes that aren’t specific to my own personal tastes, but to have my opinions challenged is unacceptable.
“Whoever wrote the words that I’m saying now is an establishment stooge who was probably in the Marxist wing of the Young Conservatives!”
Nigel Farage is amongst several politicians who have questioned the BBC’s impartiality.
“I’ve been a guest on the BBC more times than I can remember, and during those appearances, there have been people who have asked me questions or disagreed with me. How can that be fair?” he said.
“The BBC’s coverage of Brexit should consist of nothing but me saluting the Queen while the Red Arrows make a Union Flag in the sky out of different colour smoke.”
A spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn also hit out at the BBC’s output.
“The BBC says that it’s aim is to inform, educate and entertain,” he said.
“Unless Jeremy is made the next Doctor Who then those words will be hollow.”
Yes, John Simpson's answer to the question 'Is the BBC biased?' really does seem to be, 'No, because we get complaints from both sides'... argument so thread-worn (and false) that even some BBC journalists/editors on programmes like Newswatch and Feedback have been distancing themselves from it in the past couple of years. 


  1. Oh No John, No John, No John, No8 July 2017 at 22:53

    Who exactly has accused the BBC of having a pro-Brexit agenda? The BBC was accused of allowing pro-Brexit voices to be heard during the Referendum campaign, and thus confusing the igorant public. Not quite the same thing John.

  2. When a young teenager finds a discussion veering from a direction they don't like and can't control, they often resort to announcing it is 'boooooring' to attempt to justify a flounce off.

    It never works.

    When an old white man tries it, it is a bigger problem. For him.

    Rather spectacular erosion of what could have been a worthy (if undeserved) career reputation.

    Maybe he is hoping to follow Mr. Lineker into politics, given his powers of oratory and limitless support from the masses?

  3. If John Simpson had worked his way to the top of his profession anywhere other than at the BBC, he would have been retired long since by now and put out to grass - sent elsewhere with a big clock under his arm and told to keep quiet. But, because he's one of their own, his views are promoted as important and relevant.

  4. Simpson is clearly rattled by all the criticism. As much as I support the necessity of good public service broadcaster, I would really like to challenge Beeboids like him: If he really believes the BBC is providing a “world-class” service for the public, how successful does he believe it would be in its present guise if it was paid for by voluntary subscription?

  5. The Corbyn joke did make me chuckle, though.


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