Sunday 2 July 2017

Face off: Katty v Donald

Katty Kay (l); Katty Kay (r)

You've got to hand it to Katty Kay, the face of the BBC in the United States as presenter of BBC World News America. She's not having any of that Andrew Marr nonsense about BBC journalists repressing their personal political views. If she's angry and has a political point to make she'll just come right out and say it. 

On her BBC News website blog yesterday, for example, she launched into a long and stinging denunciation of the US president over 'Faceliftgate' - his tweets about Mika Brzezinski being "sexist" and "unacceptable", his use of personal information against her being "vicious". She gives him a right old dressing-down. 

She is open about part of her reason for doing so:
Full disclosure: Mika Brzezinski is a friend of mine and we work together regularly on her show. 
It must be lovely having a worldwide platform to be 'impartial'.  


  1. Translation: You can make negative comments about a President's hair and looks but it doesn't work the other way round. The other way round is sexist.

  2. Pure opinion, but allowed as commentary. BBC editorial double standards. Katty "What Is It With the American People" Kay has for years been living, breathing evidence of the hypocrisy and institutional bias at the BBC.


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