Wednesday 5 July 2017

Michael Grade on the BBC's Israel coverage

It's not every day that a former Chairman of the BBC castigates the BBC over its coverage of Israel, but today was that day:


  1. If only he was equally concerned about the many other distortions of reality propagated by the BBC.

  2. Very good, but it's too bad Grade gets a couple things wrong. 'Critics of Israel' are not silent about these acts of violence against innocent civilian Israelis. On the contrary, they are always eager to point out that it's a perfectly understandable reaction to generations of oppression. Just ask Charlie Brooker.

    Secondly, the problem with that headline is how it reveals where the BBC journalists' (plural) sympathies lie, rather than it being an example of how Israel is treated unfairly. The bias is the issue. Making it about the larger issue of anti-Jewish sentiment takes the negative focus away from the institutional sickness at the BBC. I suppose Grade will feel he can't be too harsh, but this is still something of a missed opportunity.

    Oh, wait.....Grade's a Jew? And a nasty Tory? Well, he would say that, wouldn't he? This will only make a good number of Beeboids heave a sigh of relief that the BBC is no longer under the control of Zios like Grade. No lessons will be learned, other than you can't criticize Israel.


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