Sunday 16 November 2014

Cosying up to Hamas

It's been quite a week for anti-Israel terrorist organisations vis-√†-vis the BBC and the Guardian.

After the BBC got its Hezbollah 'scoop' - Mishal Husain's interview with a Lebanese cabinet minister - the Guardian has gone one better and given over an entire op-ed to Ahmed Yousef, propagandist for the Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniya.

In the piece, published on 14 November, Mr Yousef attempts to make the terrorist group sound the Salvation Army. He says that Hamas is a modest, inclusive organisation whose Jew-hating Charter isn't to be taken seriously because Hamas actually likes Jews and Christians. It is the olive-branch-bearing dove to Israel's hawk. It loves its own civilians and children, and goes out of its way to keep them safe... which the obvious reply is, "Yeah, right, you lying S.O.B.!"  [CiF Watch offers a longer version of the same answer].

The one heartening thing about that Guardian piece is the response of the paper's readers, as seen in the comment's section beneath the article. The vast majority of the highest-rated comments, widely supported by others, give the piece the full-throated raspberry it so richly deserves - some taking the sarcastic approach, others the forensic - and provide plenty of evidence to give the lie to this astonishingly dishonest piece of Hamas propaganda.

Things were going so badly for the Hamas propagandist in fact that before the day was out the Guardian stepped in to stop the onslaught:
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