Wednesday 5 November 2014

On Twitter

Hope he doesn't mind me lifting this little Twitter exchange, but here's Biased BBC's DB reminding the ever-opinionated Hugh Sykes of his failings as an observer of U.S. politics:
As DB himself puts it, "Wrong in 2010, wrong again".

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  1. Mardell beclowns himself even though he's no longer in the US. Remember when that miserabilis referred to the first two years of his beloved Obamessiah's reign a "golden age" because the Democrats had a super-majority and ran things through without bothering to compromise or get a single Republican vote? He and the rest of the BBC continued to lie about an allegedly intransigent Congress not getting much passed and not rubber-stamping every Presidential whim after Republicans took back the House, even though it was mostly the Democrat-controlled Senate which stonewalled everything for the last four years. The disgusting Mardell won't be talking about a golden age of progress now with a Republican-controlled Congress passing legislation, and the President vetoing all of it.


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