Wednesday 5 November 2014

Grockles and emmets

Further to that last post, it appears that Mark Easton made yet another mistake in his English devolution reporting this week: 
A top BBC journalist has pleaded “guilty as charged” after claiming the Cornish refer to tourists as “grockles” – when the favoured term is “emmets”.
Home Editor Mark Easton made the faux pas in a report on self-rule for Cornwall amid the debate on a new constitutional settlement for England following the Scottish referendum.
The Radio 4’s PM programme received complaints after his report claimed: “The grockle, as visitors are called, can get a hostile reception from some of the residents.”
Geoffrey Wright emailed to correct the assertion, stating: “Grockles visit Devon, tourists in Cornwall are referred to as emmets.”
I still think misrepresenting the results of the BBC's own poll to suggest 80% of English people want devolution to the regions is worse though. 

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  1. That must be a first for Easton - admitting he's ever been wrong about anything whatsoever.

    Dan Read


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