Monday 10 November 2014

The Jeremy Bowen fanclub

Do you remember when Lauren Booth - Israel-hating, Hamas-friendly half-sister of Cherie Blair - got into a fluster over a false rumour that Jeremy Bowen had been pulled out of Gaza by the BBC after a complaint from Israel -, a rumour promoted by a concerned Tariq Ramadan (Israel-hating, Hamas-friendly).
@BBC send jeremy Bowen back to Gaza. Let him report!“@TariqRamadan@BBCNews HAS REMOVED JEREMY BOWEN FROM #GAZA ...— Lauren Booth (@LaurenBoothUK) August 4, 2014
The original tweet was deleted after Lauren realised it was a hoax. However, it still serves to show that Jeremy Bowen has some interesting admirers.

Just by chance today, I came across another admiring tweet from the time of the Gaza conflict:

[**Heavy sarcasm alert for what follows**]

Well, if Lauren, Tariq and Mira are fans and think that his reporting is spot-on, then Jeremy Bowen's reputation for impartiality is surely placed beyond question! 

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  1. That's a much discredited defence: "I'm attack from both sides so I must be impartial."

    The BBC often use this. They promote a left-liberal social democratic world outlook and so get attacked by both conservatives and more left wing socialists. It doesn't make them impartial. It just confirms they are Guardian TV a lot of the time.


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