Saturday 8 November 2014

The Daily Mail

Are they wrong though?
For their part, the BBC and Left-wing media continue to discount facts about migration they consider inconvenient.
The Corporation ignored a powerful article by former Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett in the Mail defending Mr Fallon, in which he said those who claim a large influx of migrants does not create problems are living in a ‘fantasy land’.
Then, on Wednesday, the BBC gave blanket coverage to a deeply questionable report by University College London that claimed EU workers had contributed £20billion to the public purse – while overlooking figures, buried inside the study, showing non-European migrants had cost the UK a staggering £118billion.
It took the Mail to point out that one of the authors had risibly predicted in 2003 that opening Britain’s borders to workers from Eastern Europe would increase the population by only 13,000 a year!
The Mail is certainly correct about that UCL report, which we covered here. Indeed, their whole editorial is full of good sense. 

Cue Diddy Andy Parsons: " Daily Mail!" 

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