Saturday 29 November 2014

Totally like Bishop Baines

Just a reminder - as I've not mentioned it for some time - that Today's platitudinous religious spot Thought for the Day is still being deliciously parodied by TFTD Abridged, whose mission statement reads as follows:
Every day the BBC's flagship news programme Today is interrupted by a couple of minutes of religious moralising. I can get it down to 140 characters or less. 
Today's abridgement has not yet been posted but while we fans of TFTD Abridged are waiting with baited breath, here's a sample of our hero's work from this very week.

That nice bishop Nick Baines did Monday's Thought for the Day:
That nice Christian writer Rhidian Brook did Tuesday's Thought for the Day:
That nice university chancellor Francis Campbell did Wednesday's Thought for the Day:
That nice reverend doctor Michael Banner did Thursday's Thought for the Day:
That nice Muslim professor Mona Siddiqui did Friday's Thought for the Day:

Sadly none of these nice, wise people follow TFTD Abridged on Twitter. To their great credit, however, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Anne Atkins, Vicky Beeching and Rob Marshall do.  

And so does Sarah Montague, which is like totally surprising.

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