Wednesday 12 November 2014

Hatchets and fake sheikhs

One of the top stories on the BBC News website at the moment is Call to probe 'Fake Sheikh' stories

I saw it and wondered, naively, if it might be a case of the BBC questioning itself, reporting calls for its relentless pursuit of the Rupert Murdoch-stable reporter to be investigated. (Yes, I can be that naive.)

But no. It was a merely a BBC plug for itself - a piece about Panorama exposing the 'Fake Sheikh', written by the Panorama reporter behind the TV report. 

Still, was Mr Fake Sheikh given a fair hearing in this online report? Of course not. Being written by Mr Famous Panorama Reporter, it merely 'amplified' Mr Famous Panorama Reporter's televisual hatchet job: 'Mr Fake Sheikh is bad, m'kay. And here are a thousands and one reasons why.'

In retrospect, please don't bother injecting me with a surprise serum.

It's been a bad day for Mr Fake Sheikh then. When you're faced by the full hydra-headed force of the BBC and its multitude of platforms, all firing together against you, then you've got no chance - deserve it or not (or whatever shade of grey in between).

Or am I still being naive?

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