Saturday 19 December 2015

BBC Trending

There was quite a strong Twitter reaction to one particular scene in this Thursday's Eastenders. During a Carter family meal, tensions erupted over Nancy's relationship with quiet, geeky Muslim Tamwar:
Nancy: I'm not reading the Koran because I'm thinking of converting or getting married. I just want to understand why Tam sees the world a bit better. Like, he's a good man and he's got good morals...
Babe:  What? And we 'aven't?
Linda: Mum!
Nancy: All right, look, Islam brings Tam simplicity and peace and answers, and looking into the way the person I'm with sees the world feels like the right thing to do. And if - the massive if - I ever did think about converting - or, an even bigger if, getting married - that I would tell you because you're my family and I wouldn't keep something like that from you.
As the BBC's own 'BBC Trending' didn't cover this one, Is the BBC biased? will have to do it for them. Unlike a lot of 'BBC Trending' posts, what follows will be a wholly fair and impartial representation of what was tweeted about the scene!:

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  1. Can't recall any soap offering a positive view of Christianity. It's nearly always weirdo cults messing with people's minds, except of course for Corrie's gay vicar, the one who likes drinking, clubbing and men.

    Anyway, EE can't hide the truth about Islam.


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