Sunday 20 December 2015

Spain: Update

I suppose I'm 'live blogging' the Spanish election results here...though not for much longer as I'll be off to bed soon...

The BBC News website now says:

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One of the Twitter feeds I follow, which has been very busy tonight, is presently saying something rather different, especially vis a vis Podemos:

My confusion deepens. Is the BBC seriously behind the curve? Or is Twitter (God forbid!) massively wrong?

Update 21:46: An answer to my question (about vote share v seats for Podemos and Ciudadanos) on the previous post now appears in the BBC's main article:
The early results gave Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's PP 124 seats in the lower house of parliament - well below the 176 seats it would need for a majority. It had 186 seats in the outgoing parliament. 
The Socialists (PSOE) were predicted to win 94 seats. Although Podemos won fewer votes than Ciudadanos (Citizens) it was predicted to win more seats - 41 to 36 respectively - because of the Spanish electoral system.
Ah, the old 'nearly 4 million votes, just 1 seat' thing! (says someone who voted against changing the voting system in the PR referendum of 2011 - something I now strongly regret).

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