Monday 7 December 2015


#YouAin'tNoMuslimBruv  “That says it all” asserts David Cameron triumphantly. “Much better than the uncool hypothesis  ‘nothing to do with Islam‘  that we fuddy-duddy politicians have been pushing. Only a real Muslim could tell it like it is.”

Cameron’s gleeful reiteration of that hashtag expression is laughable when uttered in that particular #David Cameron accent. It comes across like Armstrong and Miller’s street-talking pilots. I was, like, OMG, and stuff.

Yeah, we know that ‘ain’t no’ is accepted as slang for ‘aren’t’ or isn’t, but *literally* the double negative “ain’t no” (it is not ‘not’) constitutes a positive. In other words what he actually said was ‘You certainly are a Muslim, “bruv”, and the term ‘bruv’,  an inclusive term Muslims use between themselves, all but confirms this.

 The Today Programme did its bit to push this nonsense.
“Some are saying the #YouAin'tNoMuslimBruv hashtag could it (sic) be more productive than some government initiatives, but how effective in preventing radicalisation might it be? Salma Yaqoob is a spokesperson for the Stop the War campaign and the former leader of the Respect party; Hanif Qadir  is CEO of the Active Change Foundation, which works with young people from across society to counter extremism.”
Typically, they turned to a couple of ‘experts’ with vested interests. Salma Yaqoob we all know. I did look up Qadir and listened to this interview with Razia Iqbal. His de-radicalisation efforts seem laudable but there were a lot of unanswered and unasked  questions. Quelle surprise.


  1. Interesting that you mention Armstrong and Miller.

    At one time, when British comedians were fresh and less intimidated, they would have lampooned Cameron mercilessly over something like this.

  2. An interesting point was raised by a commentator on Guido (apart from suggesting that the Beeb are majoring on this one piece of footage).

    Who was the "bruv" comment aimed at - one of the coppers was Asian ( c. BBC )

  3. There's already a schismatic civil war in Islam. Why not exploit that instead of this nonsense? Oh, right, they're not actually interested in confronting Muslims or Islam.

  4. 'Says it all' has the Soundbiter in Chief and national disgrace in perfect lockstep when speaking at the nation.

    It is just a pity that where unmoderated responses are permitted, they are universally derided.


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