Wednesday 9 December 2015

Bully boys

It seems odd to me that the BBC is promoting the story of bullying within the Tory party so heavily, but the story of the bullying within the Labour party  - not so much. Could there be something about Lord Feldman, apart from his friendship with David Cameron, that they don’t particularly like? 

A Feldman

It is very annoying when the BBC get their teeth into a story and obsess about it disproportionately and tediously as they did recently over Andrew Mitchell’s ‘Plebgate’ adventure. 
All this ‘he said / she said’, or in this case ‘how long has he known?’  and ‘when did he get the dossier?’ business is not worth the amount of energy expended. Presented in the BBC’s own special way, the whole thing comes across as tittle-tattle rather than news. 

Okay, so he might have been handed the dossier on a particular date. Maybe he tucked it behind the clock on the mantlepiece while attending to something more pressing. Haven’t we all done that? Personally I have quite a backlog of dossiers that I haven’t got round to dealing with. 
Oh, I forgot, I’m not co-chair of a political party. Never mind. 

I know I sound facetious, especially as the bullying seems to have been a factor in a young man’s suicide, and I do think it merits a more thorough investigation than a spot of symbolic head-rolling and sword-falling.
It’s just that some of us find the bullying of certain Labour MPs by the Momentum lot more scandalous, at least as worthy of investigation and a whole day’s-worth of outraged headlines as the Get-Feldy campaign has garnered, because as Dan Hodges says in his Telegraph piece, Jeremy Corbyn does have an electoral strategy. It just doesn’t involve the Labour Party”. 
“People still misunderstand Corbynism. The consensus view is he has no interest in constructing a successful electoral strategy, preferring instead to focus on taking control of the Labour Party’s levers of power. But in truth he is not seeking to take control of the Labour Party. He is seeking to dismantle the Labour Party and replace it with a new a loose affiliation of hard Left campaign groups, direct action foot-soldiers and social media warriors. 
Jeremy Corbyn does have an electoral strategy. It just doesn’t involve the Labour Party.Take Labour’s membership. What has been described as a “membership surge” is in fact a membership transfusion. Tens of thousands of new activists have joined. Simultaneously, thousands of moderate activists have left. Labour’s membership base is not expanding. It is being cleansed.”

If you don’t find the bullying involved in putting that hideous Corbyn strategy into effect worthy of as many headlines as dossiergate, than you probably have a sinister agenda of your own. If you get my meaning.

Hodges is hugely erratic. He has just written a reactionary piece in the Telegraph about Trump. He wants to ban him from the UK. (Along with other “Islamophobes" Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller) 

That would be interesting  ... if Trump ever got to be POTUS. Could we actually ban the US president from these shores, should he ever wish to visit? Well, under Sharia we probably could, and who knows if that will be the case, the way things are going. We could hasten it with this ban if we were enthusiastic enough about it.


  1. Hmm and also given the BBC's lack of self examination over their total failure in case of bulling and sexual harassment of one of their employees leading to his suicide and worse still keeping safe the offending staff member, proving idiots in crass houses should stop chucking bricks.
    Oh and to crown the steaming pile they then put Capita Health and Well-being in charge of their anti bulling changes ? a company that bullies and intimidates millions pmsl.

    1. Good article followed by equally good comment on the BBC’s interesting words vs. deeds problem. Ongoing IIRC, IIRC.

    2. No, no, the BBC has held an inquiry, staff undergone training, line drawn under it. The BBC has addressed the problem and can now move on, as usual.


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