Saturday 12 December 2015

YNH; the comeback

“Donald Trump was widely condemned for saying this week that parts of London are "so radicalised the police are afraid for their lives". David Wilson is Professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University and Simon Cole is the National Police Chiefs Council's lead on Local Policing.”

“Police” man 1:
“There are no no-go areas. Oh no. There are no no go areas, but there are areas that are tougher than others to police.”
“Police” man 2:
“There are no no-go areas. There are difficult areas - gangsters and so on. I won’t talk about the Mooslims because I’d rather stick to organised crime, and cite an incident that had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam, and which occurred at least three years ago.” 

Due credit to Sarah Montague who tried to bring in Trump’s assertions, with little success...

“However, by the way, and since you mention it, there are terrorist threats specifically targeting police, which is why we might advise policemen to pretend they’re not policemen when off duty and not actively ‘policing’.” 

Finally, a familiar manoeuvre, one that is still recognisable from way back, and a move we haven’t seen very much of recently. Makes you feel quite nostalgic.
We call it the “You’re not helping”* move: 

*The YNH move

When people point out the dangers of radical Islam, they’re advised to STFU because of the need to keep calm and carry on; for social cohesion, innit. 

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  1. I have popped in a polite inquiry or two about the new BBC trend of 'helping' those they favour by targeting those they don't, and accusing them of... 'not helping'.

    The only question being which blow off they will use first.

    Acquiring quite the collection.

    I still have no answer to my FOI on use of 3rd parties to investigate public to expedite, despite the ICO being on side, so as it seem they really do control pitch, ball, referee and the entire league, I may have to give up playing nice and restart my court of public opinion site.


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