Friday, 3 January 2020

"Assassinating him seems like a step back to a more savage past"

I knew it wouldn't take long, and that he'd strongly disapprove:


  1. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. One Iranian general entering a neighbouring country to plan anti-American and anti-Israeli attacks is laying himself open to being taken out, whether by the USA or Israel.

  2. Is John now advocating the bombing of a commercial airliner as revenge? I can’t think of another reason for sending his most recent tweet.

  3. What does John think Iran have been doing all these - apart from organising its weekly "Death to America" hate protest? Crocheting or quilting? Or maybe seeking to destroy America and its allies - including us of course. Just because Iran tries to do it relatively slowly while Bin Laden tried it all in one go, doesn't make it better.

  4. John Sweeney out of control on Twitter...indulging in Far Left/Far Right conspiracy theories ("Big Oil" behind the killing of Sicko Soleimani...yep, like they want to see their oil installations in the Gulf wiped out!)

    While lamenting the memory of fellow alchemical brother in arms Charles Kennedy and retweeting just about everything under the sun:

    And also plugging Jess Phillips for next leader of the Labour Party. Yes, the same Jess Phillips who wants the Electoral Commission to vet all parliamentary candidates and ban them from standing if they feel to meet the required standards of political correctness...yes, that "moderate" Jess Phillips. Yes, the same moderate who uses irresponsible stabbing language.

    Oh and retweeting a lot of James O'Brien's specialist ordure, fragrant only to the cognoscenti.