Friday 10 January 2020

Femi is angry at the BBC

Another gem for the 'complaints from both sides' scrapbook. This time it's someone who failed to spot that Katya Adler and Chris Morris were doing little else during the election except banging on about how "long and complicated" EU negotiations are going to be, pretty much each day, every day:

Well, anger may sometimes be difficult to capture in words but, evidently, stupidity isn't. (No offence).


  1. Has he found success yet with his 'I'm not on the BBC enough' twitter rants?

    I see other broadcasters still find him of value.

    At least here he is staying true his supposed core area of 'expertise', but did for a while branch out into others' turf, including that of YAB and Owen.

    Rookie mistake.

  2. no idea who this Femi person is

    1. Americo-Nigerian-British-Paid EU Fanatic who phones into radio shows pretending to be someone else. Came out of nowhere and then was on every TV show going, but now is reduced to begging for work. Clearer?


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