Sunday 12 January 2020

On the pitch

Oh dear, David, it's very far from being a figment of your imagination, but I'm guessing Rob won't be happy...
David Buik: Alison Phillips & Amanda Platell were excellent reviewers of the papers on MARR today! However, is it a figment of my imagination that men have more often than not been left on the subs bench for this influential gig? The quality has been excellent but maybe a bit more balance!


  1. It's not just Marr paper reviews, frequently now it's all female discussions between a presenter and female reporters. Nothing wrong with that per se, but you get the feeling that the feminist lobby is not going to stop at strict parity...they want really to reverse millennia of patriarchy and replace it with matriarchy. Again, that's not necessarily a bad thing...who knows? - patriarchy might just have been a "phase" in our long history (bonobos for instance definitely have a matriarchal system). But two things arise for me:

    1. Extreme feminists are not being honest about their wish - more like plans - to create a matriarchy. They continue to talk in dishonest terms about equality and diversity when that is not what they are seeking.

    2. As regards TV, isn't it time the dress code convention was abandoned? Why is it women can dress in a wide variety of colourful and often beguiling ways whereas men seem confined to boring old business suits by convention? Isn't it time for a return to something more like the 18th century era of dandydom?

  2. Rob likely kept his feelings to himself, as he is wont to do when engaging can only proceed in a manner not necessarily to his or the BBC's favour.


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