Monday 20 January 2020

Fox in the henhouse

You know why I ignored Laurence Fox’s bombshell on Q.T. and focused instead on Shami?  It’s not just because she poo-poohed antisemitism. No, the reason I chose to highlight Shami’s performance (how can one be shamefaced yet brazen, all at once?) - is slightly different. I ignored Laurence just because I thought what he said was ‘normal’. It’s exactly what most people were probably saying at home. You know, (groan,) “A woman then!”.

Not that I agreed with Laurence that Starmer would make the best Labour leader. He’s not even the least worst.  As John Lennon might have remarked ”He’s not even the best drummer candidate in the leadership contest

However, I happen to think Laurence’s choice was a bit sexist, but not in a bad way. I think he was being ‘sexist’ in recognising masculinity's inherent authoritativeness. Shouldn't say so, but there you go. 'Trust him, he’s a bloke’ is how (I’m guessing) Laurence’s mind was working. 

Maybe he had mugged up on the Labour Party’s leadership race in anticipation of his stint on QT, but I’m thinking not. I bet he hasn’t been as obsessed with the matter as the BBC has been. (I love the way they call it a ‘race’ ) I’m sure the Beeb wasn’t half as interested in the minutiae of the qualities of the contenders for any other Party’s race.

This ridiculous kerfuffle has been all over the media. I’m just linking to Brendan O’Neill’s piece without even having read it yet, though I intend to do so in a minute.

Has Laurence been chucked out of Equity? Something like that. All the luvvies adhere to woke - it’s the rules.

Don’t read this, go and read Brendan.

Oh, and of course, Douglas

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  1. It does worry me that we now have so many women politicians and part of that is that no-one knows 'the rules' now.

    In the West men worked out that one way to win an argument was to chop the other bloke's head off. We moved on from that and developed law and chivalry.

    Part of the 'chivalry' deal was that the knight went off and fought according to 'the rules' and his good lady stayed at home and ran the household.

    Now just like Meghan some women don't want to follow 'the rules'. Before that we had the likes of Jess Phillips, they don't want to behave like a lady, they want to be loud and proud, but are they really up for a proper fight?

    And this is important. Western men know that there is a line that cannot be crossed without consequences; ladies don't go any where near that line, it wasn't their job to do so. Now some women, who aren't ladies, want to take on the job. Do they know where the line is? Can we trust them to command armies and defend borders? They, as leaders, won't be the ones getting their heads lopped off, that will be us.


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