Thursday 30 January 2020


Referring to a pro-Brexit piece by Matt Ridley in The Spectator Northern Irish SDLP MLA Matthew O'Toole sent out a tweet tonight saying, "The man who chaired Northern Rock when it collapsed, a Brexiter and Viscount who lives in a castle, feels no compunction writing an article saying Brexit is about rediscovering 'failure'. And it gets published. Normal country." Guess which new BBC star reporter 'liked' it? Yes, Newsnight's controversial new policy editor Lewis Goodall


  1. Lewis seems safe. Does the BBC not have periods during new employment that both sides are under greater scrutiny and fewer protections if things don't pan out?

  2. I hadn't realised Matt Ridley is the son of Nicholas Ridley - someone on that twitter thread mentioned it. He was a politician in Mrs Thatcher's time - the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry who said that he found nothing to do when he went to that Department. That was because he didn't believe in government role in industry. Question Time audiences used to erupt when he was on. I think he got the sack in the end over some remarks he made that caused a fuss. Maybe something about Germans. He also wrote a book about Mrs Thatcher which was a better read than the usual ponderous tomes of politicians. He was a character, amusing and individual if a little unworldly. I remember coming out of work one evening and seeing the news stand with the headline 'Ridley Dies'. He wasn't that old and it was a shock.


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