Sunday 12 January 2020


To quote MB on the open thread, "H/T to Guest Who on the "other channel"... Hugh's got his handbag out and has just walloped Andrew Marr":

In fairness, though, that 'disco' - Archive on 4: Questioning the Political Interview -  did include a moment that made be chuckle (around 35 minutes in) when George Osborne referred to "the very best interviewers" and named John Humphrys and Andrew Neil, and then, with a laugh, added - very obviously as a sudden afterthought - "and yourself, Andrew".


  1. Thanks for posting that. So that's what the (surprising) handbagging was about. If it's the interview I'm thinking of, Marr was more like a heckler than an interviewer or a chunterer.

  2. Dark looks across the room at Monday water cooler meeting?


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