Saturday 25 January 2020

Two views

A happy fugue

Is that the ghost of Sir Michael Winner I hear saying "Calm down dear!" to Jonathan Freedland of The Guardian/BBC Radio 4? 

Without the BBC we could be facing a post-truth dystopia is the headline to his latest Guardian piece

I have to say that I prefer Rod Liddle's latest piece for The Spectator. It is spot on, and contains such beautifully-written sentences as:
Radio 4 meanwhile transformed itself into an endless fugue of misery and victimhood. 


  1. Rod is spot on. There's just nothing optimistic on. It is Radio Doom.

    So is Jonathan saying his mate Lord Adonis is a gross liar, for implying the BBC already inhabit a post-truth world, peddling biased pro-Leave propaganda? Ha-ha - untie that little knot if you can, Jonathan!

  2. Or better...Radio For Depressives.

    Incidentally, meant to mention I heard the News Quiz being used to promote violence against opponents of the Left. Nish Kumar said "...that HS2 would be shovel-ready...just like Laurence Fox's face." So next time Kumar comes out with his hypocritical "hope not hate" schtick, just remember that!

    1. Hmm. Jo Brand got reprimanded by the BBC for something very like that.


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