Monday 20 January 2020

Happy with Shappi

Radio 4 comedienne Shappi Khorsandi has risen further in my estimation for refusing to sing to her own choir. Responding to a tweet from The Stage reporting that "Equity’s minority ethnic members committee has called on fellow actors to “unequivocally denounce” Laurence Fox for comments he made during an appearance on BBC1's Question Time", Shappi wrote:
Blimey. Laurence Fox doesn’t need me to stick up for him, I’m sticking up for compassion though, which should NOT be reserved just for people you agree with. The man sees the world differently to you and said so on TV...but we must actually try to RUIN him for this? To what end??

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  1. I believe Shappi is of Persian heritage and of course Cyrus the Great, the Persian Emperor, was the first person ever (at least in recorded history) to express the idea that people should be able to choose their beliefs, without fear of life-threatening penalties.

    Taking away someone's livelihood is a life-threatening penalty - it will lead to early death for sure. Equity is a shameful and shameless organisation.

    Shappi may only have let out a mouse-squeak for liberty, but it's preferable to the intolerable screeching of the virtue-signallers in the world of entertainment that we are normally treated to.


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